Mission Statement

The Wheatfield Local Development Corporation is committed to fostering new business as well as retaining and expanding existing local businesses to build economic capacity specific to the Town of Wheatfield.

2018 LDC Board Members

Currently the 9 member LDC board consists of local business executives of varying backgrounds as well as several elected Wheatfield officials.

Robert Cliffe –  Former Town Supervisor, Wheatfield NY
Dawn Gilliam – Chief Operating Officer, Calamar
Larry Helwig – Town Councilman, Wheatfield NY
Don McSwan – Town Supervisor, Wheatfield NY
Vic Montalbo – (retired) Chief Financial Officer, Niagara Falls Bridge Commission
Richard Muscatello – USAF Colonel (retired), Hospital Vice President
William Wagner – President, Wagner Management LLC
Larry Witul – (retired) Assistant Director, Niagara County Industrial Development Agency

One Board position is vacant at this time

Organizational Chart

Finance Committee Members
Larry Witul
Larry Helwig
Vic Montalbo

Audit Committee Members
Dawn Gilliam
Bill Wagner

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